Publishing your materials

Once processing is complete, your Shimmer View is ready for the next stage of your workflow.

Initially, the web app UI shows a padlock icon like the material on the left in the image below. Click on the icon to permanently Unlock the material for your use, by spending credits from your account or entering payment details.

Once a material has been unlocked, like the material on the right, the UI shows the Publish button.

Clicking the Publish button enters the Publish screen. You can access your material in the following ways:

  • Link - A URL which you can share with your colleagues and contacts. Anyone with the URL can view the Shimmer.
  • Email - Create an email containing a link to the new Shimmer View.
  • Embed - Copy a JavaScript or React code snippet which can be embedded to display the Shimmer View on your site.
  • Download Shimmer - You can download the Shimmer to host our render of your material yourself.
  • Download Textures - You can also download the PBR Textures for tiling or CAD workflows. PBR texture download is only available for scans where a layout mode of Flat was selected during upload.

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