How to embed into your website

Congratulations, your Shimmer View is now ready for prime time! Here's how to share it far and wide.

Start by clicking the Share icon in your gallery inside the web app. At this point, you will need to purchase the material by clicking Unlock. This uses 1 credit from your account. If you have no credits, you can enter your payment details here.

After you've purchased the material, you can share the material in the following ways:

  • Public view URL - A quick way to share the Shimmer View with your friends or colleagues. Anyone with this URL can see the Shimmer View.
  • Email link - Create an email containing a link to your new Shimmer View.
  • Embed code snippet - Copy this code snippet into your web app to display the Shimmer View on your site.
  • Download textures - By downloading the textures, you can host Shimmer Views on your own website with no dependence on any other site. Talk to us if you'd like to know more.

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